Wireless Passive Infrared Sensor

The IVP 4101 PET SMART is the best cost-effective Pet Immunity wireless sensor on the market.

Line 5000


Line 5000: economy on your pockets and freedom for pets

Without any doubts, 5000 Intelbras line of sensors is the best cost-effective passive infrared with Pet Immunity in the market. It has a strong and accurate sensor with ability to differentiate your pet from an intruder has never been more economical.

Intelbras Speed-Clip


Intelbras Speed-Clip

All sensors in 5000 line have Speed-Clip system that guarantee an easy and safe installation. Just remove a cover on the sensor, without screws and without contact with the rest of the board.

Intelbras Speed-Clip




IVP 5001 PET SHIELD:absolute protection without interference

IVP 5001 PET SHIELD sensor is the version of IVP 5001 PET with Intelbras SHIELD technology. Some common devices as lamps, routers and wireless phones sometimes emit electromagnetic waves or radio frequencies that can cause false alarms in most of alarm sensors available on the market. With the Intelbras SHIELD, sensor is immune to these interferences and becomes much more accurate. 

Intelbras SHIELD


Intelbras SHIELD: metallic shield

Designed to be immune to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency, IVP 5001 PET SHIELD has a shield in the electronic circuit that protects it against irradiation of enemy frequencies.


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