Allo XR1

Wireless relay module

More practicality and security to open doors when integrating the XR1 with the Wi-Fi Video doorman of the Allo line.

Technology and practicality for you

Open doors and gates remotely, wherever and whenever you are. Have more security and convenience to receive personal visits and service providers

Simple to use and easy to install

Installation is quick and practical: fix the XR1 in a covered environment, supply the product through a 12V source or directly through the 110 / 220V power supply.

Compatible with the Allo line

In order to offer greater practicality and security, the Allo XR1 is compatible with the Wi-Fi Video doorman lines Allo w3 and w5.

High quality with long reach

The Allo XR1 wireless relay can be installed at a distance of up to 30 meters from the Wi-Fi Video doorman, offering maximum efficiency and performance.

Where can it be used?