Mesa virtual


The Virtual Table is a free software, specific to impacta line and unniti line centers.

Mesa Virtual

The Virtual Table is free software, specifically for centrals of the Impacta line and the UnniTI line. With it, it is possible to streamline the service and monitor the call traffic, providing more ease and practicality for the day to day of companies.

Mesa Virtual

Monitoring of extensions

View the status of calls made, received and missed for all extensions and trunks of the exchange.

Mesa Virtual

Parked and Parked Calls

The software lists all parked and parked calls, facilitating the professionals' communication.

Mesa Virtual

Infinite phonebook¹

It is easy to enter contact information without limit of insertions. And the best part: users can share the agenda between the virtual table and the VF 10 (Intelbras virtual phone).

¹ According to the HD capacity.

Mesa Virtual

Sending SMS messages

If the user has the GSM² card in the exchange, it is possible to send messages to all his contacts.

² The SMS sending facility is available for impacts 94, 140, 220 and 300 with GSM card. The impact 68i works through Gateway GW280. Impact 16 and 40 do not have this facility.

Mesa Virtual

Personalized contacts with sound

The user can choose a different bell for each contact.