ESPi 180 E

Presence sensor for lighting

The ESPi 180 E was developed to fit in a 4×2 box, indoors, and is compatible with any type of light bulb

It automatically turns the light on and off

The ESPi 180 E automatically turns on and off the light when it detects movement in the environment. In addition, it allows you to control multiple lamps with a single sensor.

Adjust to detect presence 24h or only at night

Enable the sensor to activate the light bulb in daylight or just at night, providing energy savings.

Adjust to turn on the light bulb at night and turn it off in the morning

With the programmed photocell only function, the light bulb will always be on, even without motion detection.

Presence simulator

Travel in peace. Set the sensor to turn on and off the light at random intervals, so it seems that there are people in the environment.