EGT 15000 MAX 220V G2

220V three-phase On Grid Solar Inverter

Robust inverter with high efficiency, ideal for 220V three-phase installations.

Ideal for 220V three-phase installations

The MAX 220V G2 Line is ideal for medium to large installations. With inverters suitable for 220V three-phase locations, there is no need to invest in a transformer.

Keeping an eye on power generation

Monitor in real time the energy produced by your system, via App or internet browser.

Resistance to outdoor áreas

A robust inverter equipped with IP66, to ensure greater resistance in outdoor installations.

Intelbras brand reliability in your photovoltaic system

In addition to the 25-year efficiency guarantee for the solar energy system, the EGT 15000 MAX 220V G2 inverter also has a 10-year product guarantee. All this with the quality of a brand with over 45 years of history.

National technical assistance

When purchasing our inverters, you also have national support and a technical assistance network of the Intelbras brand throughout the country.