More safety for your business

Protect employees and patrimony with our safety solutions. Systems of camera, alarm, fire detection and access control to avoid losses to your company.

Keep an eye on it 24 hours per day

Follow-up from everywhere everything that happens in your company, store or vehicle fleet in real time, with our camera systems.

Cost saving and convenience on phone calls

Your company need solutions accompanying growing and market changes. Either for saving phone bills, make video calls or facilitate customer calls routing, we serve the needs of any kind of company.

Quality Wi-Fi for the company and customers

Rough network solutions to make the operational of your company work with no problems and your customers get the best experience with your internet. Enhance the Wi-Fi of your company, make available networks totally independent for collaborators, customers and suppliers, and gain visibility using Facebook Check-in function. The Corporate Wi-Fi line of Intelbras serves from small dinners to large hotels and companies.

Energy for your business

Intelbras’ energy line has large autonomy UPSs to protect your equipment and work do not stop in case of power shortage, illumination sensors, and solar energy solutions to save energy boll, USB 3.0 chargers, so your customer may charge his devices in high speed and much more.