Your home connected to you

Activate the lighting, customize the color of environments, or turn on and monitor the energy consumption of an appliance, even when you are not at home? With the Izy line you do this with a simple tap on the app. The products still support voice command.

Energy for your equipment

Ensure more power to your devices with Intelbras batteries. They are required, guaranteed and meet the strictest quality standards.

Safe, quality charging for your devices

Fast and efficient charge? With Intelbras USB cables and chargers you get charging up to 3 × faster than common chargers, as well as protection against short circuit and overload.

Special fonts for cameras

Intelbras power supplies allow the transmission of clear images without interference by monitoring systems, and a 1-year warranty, even with the P4 connector cut.

Protection and autonomy even in case of power failure

Now you can save files even when there is a power outage. UPSs provide autonomy and protection for the electronic equipment in your home or office.

More taken, more space, more protection

To ensure that no device runs without connection, count on electronic protectors. They offer variety of access, connect devices even to distant points of energy and you still have short circuit protection, overload and overvoltage.

Maximum protection against damage and electrical surges

Prevent surges caused by lightning or electrical discharges from reaching your devices. Surge protectors detect high voltage levels and prevent electronics from burning.

Energy saving, practicality and safety

The lights will come on wherever you go. With lighting sensors, you have more convenience, safety and even energy savings.