Intelbras Guardian

The whole safety system control is in your hand. With Intelbras application, Guardian, you integrate the operation of your alarm system and safety cameras, all practical and efficient, to make your house or establishment safer.

Digital locks

Let behind fragile keys and locks. With digital locks, you are free to open doors with password, your password or contactless key rings, and is sure that the door is always locked.

A solution that can save lives

Keep your fire detection equipment and emergency illumination always updated and in operation. So, you assure safety for who attends the ambient and an illuminated escape route in case of emergencies, with quality and high performance products.

Defense IA: Software de segurança eletrônica

O Defense IA é um software que gerencia de forma unificada equipamentos de segurança eletrônica e faz o videomonitoramento de todo o sistema.