AP 1250 AC Outdoor

AC Outdoor dual band Access Point

With the corporate access point AP 1250 AC Outdoor, you can provide professional high-power, wide-range Wi-Fi connection for outdoor environments.
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High range for outdoor environments

Ap 1250 AC Outdoor provides a wide and stable Wi-Fi connection, prepared for outdoor environments, providing greater protection against water and dust from the environment.

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Seamless navigation with Handover technology

Thanks to Handover technology, the user can navigate and perform uninterrupted tasks with the flexibility to move from one AP to another without connection loss.

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Professional Wi-Fi with increased speed and capacity

Due to its high capacity, the AP 1250 AC Outdoor supports up to 350 connected users with stability and security as well as transmitting the Wi-Fi signal throughout areas of up to 400 m².

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Wi-Fi Marketing for your business

Improve your business’ engagement with a function that enables you to create and display ads on your customer's screen.