Wi-Fi Control Pro

App for corporate routers and Wi-Fi marketing

A free application, made to manage and optimize the Wi-Fi network monitoring of your business in a simplified way.

Maximum efficiency for the entire line

The Wi-Fi Control Pro application is compatible with the entire business line, including the AP 310, AP 360, AP 1210 AC, AP 1350 AC and AP 1750 AC products.

Quick and easy installation

Get your Intelbras corporate router up and running in seconds with the simple and intuitive wizard.

Real-time network monitoring

Monitor your network in real time, with accurate and up-to-date traffic and performance information and prevent potential problems.

Efficient user control

Protect your network easily and securely and have complete control. With just a click it is possible to release, block or limit user access.

Wi-Fi marketing detailed reports

With the app it is possible to have a performance overview of your business Wi-Fi marketing, such as Facebook® statistics and Splash page.