Focus Style

Bluetooth® Headset

A Bluetooth® Headset, with a minimalist, compact and comfortable design that will guarantee more productivity in your day to day.

Much more autonomy

A recharge of 2 hours, yields up to 16 hours of autonomy to take advantage of your music without any worry.

Guaranteed comfort and resistance

With a minimalist design, Focus Style is produced in metal and has a headband with leather covered stitching.

Passive noise cancellation

Headphone protectors promote passive noise cancellation, significantly reducing ambient noise.

40 mm Loudspeaker

Higher audio quality with 40 mm drivers. Dense sponges don't let sound escape.

Ease and practicality in connection

It has a personal assistant, double connectivity, which allows you to connect to two Bluetooth® devices at the same time and comes with a P2 cable.