Intelbras Guardian

CCTV and Alarm System Integration App Aplicativo para a integração de sistemas de alarme e CFTV

The application integrates the Intelbras Multi HD alarm system and CCTV®, allowing you to monitor and control equipment through a single application.

Full control with the main screen

Alarm panels added have 3 buttons: enable, disable or partial. They manage all sectors of the panel

To make your home smarter

Through a control ,you can activate a garage door, turn a lamp on or off, etc.

A CCTV system on your mobile phone

Follow images in real time, in a mosaic of up to 4 cameras on the main screen, such as closed circuit TV (CCTV)

Full integration

Guardian allows you to integrate alarms, sensors and cameras, and receive alerts on your mobile phone in case of intruders

Where can it be used?