AP 360

Corporate Access Point with centralized management

With the ap 360 corporate router you share your Wi-Fi with your merchant's customers in exchange for a check-in on your Facebook page.

AP 310


Intelbras AP 360 is an enterprise access point with centralized management, designed for small and medium enterprise networks. With 630 mW of power, each AP available on the network supports up to 100 devices, offering coverage of up to 400 m². It can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall and is perfect for any environment, as well as allowing the setting of the LED color, which can also be left in Off mode.

AP 360


Control the entire Wi-Fi network


With the WiseFi management software it is possible to control all Intelbras Access Points easily and securely. Discover the advantages of a WiseFi network:

» Centralized control of all equipment
» Mass configuration for numerous Access Points
» Advanced Wi-Fi Security: VLAN and Radius
» Customization of the access portal: CPF, voucher, individual registration, password
» Control of all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network


Now with Facebook check-in


Have you ever arrived at an establishment and asked for the Wi-Fi password? If so, you know how common this request is. With the AP 360 you will have Wi-Fi free for your customers, who in return check-in¹ ³ ³ on the establishment's Facebook page¹.

* This function is only available in router mode function and not WiseFi compatible.

* Facebook check in service is a tool provided by Facebook and may be discontinued and/or changed without notice. Learn more about the Facebook Wi-Fi feature at www.facebook.com/help.




Greater capacity of connected users 


It supports up to 100 simultaneous connections, offers more stability for corporate networks and ensures a better browsing experience for users. In addition, it is possible to create up to 8 different Wi-Fi networks to divide by departments, between customers or different levels of employees.

AP 360


Qualcomm Technology


Highest quality: more security and hardware stability with the guarantee of the world's leading manufacturer of Wi-Fi technology: Qualcomm.

AP 360

AP 360


Powerful and stable WiFi*


With 630 mW of power, 300 Mbps of speed and 2 internal antennas of 3 dBi, the AP 360 transmits the Wi-Fi signal in areas up to 400 m². In addition, it has an additional intelligent filter – Adaptive Noise Immunity – which, dynamically, gradually evaluates a series of signal samples to improve their quality by up to 40%.

*Signal speed and range may vary with obstacles and are calculated under ideal operating conditions.


AI 360


Easy to install


The AI 3100 installation is very simple and can be done in two ways: in a furniture or to a wall. 



Share Wi-Fi and stay in control


Intelbras' Wi-Fi Control Pro application was developed so that you can control the network and users who connect to your establishment's Wi-Fi, in addition to allowing you to monitor the marketing statistics that Facebook generates on the information on the page . It is specially developed for the AP 360 which now has the Facebook Wi-Fi function, which allows you to share Wi-Fi with your customers in exchange for checking-in on the property's Facebook page.

¹ The Facebook Wi-Fi check-in service is a tool provided by Facebook, so Intelbras does not guarantee the availability of the service, which may be interrupted by Facebook without prior notice. Learn more about the Facebook Wi-Fi function at https://www.facebook.com/help.
² By activating the Facebook Wi-Fi function on the AP 360, the internet will be released only after the user's check-in on Facebook, which will already be available for access regardless of the check-in having been carried out, in addition to the Google navigation homepage. com to provide a better customer experience.
³ If customers do not have Facebook or do not want to check-in, the establishment can provide a default password.