iMHDX 3008

Digital Video Recorder with Artificial Intelligence

With built-in artificial intelligence and facial recognition, the iMHDX 3008 - Multi HD® is the evolution of your CCTV system.
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Artificial intelligence

The iMHDX 3008 features smart detection of the movement of people and vehicles. It's a much smarter CCTV.

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Onboard facial recognition

High level of assertiveness in comparing detected faces with images saved in DVR database.

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Video intelligence

Provides an even more accurate and secure monitoring, being possible to determine areas/lines for motion detection.

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More image quality, less network traffic

H.265+ video compression technology for high resolution images, as well as transmitting data and video in high compression without burdening the network.

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Maximum storage

High-capacity storage, already approved with WD Purple high-capacity hard drives.

¹See the storage compatibility chart.