ONT 121 W

GPON/EPON Signal Converter into Ethernet or Wi-Fi Signal

With ONT 121 W it is possible to provide services such as IPTV, VOIP telephony and triple-play services.

High-speed navigation

Have much more speed in navigation with Gigabit Ethernet port.

Complete product

ONT 121 W has 1 FXS port, capable of providing quality voice service through SIP accounts.

Much better signal

Get more Wi-Fi signal to surf at will with ONT 121 W Wi-Fi.

Networks with multiple SSIDs

ONT 121 W accepts up to 4 SSIDs that can be segmented into VLANs, enabling the creation of a Wi-Fi network for each department of your company.

Practicality in management

Manage the ONT 121 W remotely via the web using CPE Manager.