SF 2622 MR L2

Manageable Switch with 24 port Fast Ethernet+ 2 port Mini-Gbic

The SG 2622 MR L2 is a switch with network management functions, which features 2 ports with Gigabit Ethernet speed combined with 2 Mini-Gbic ports

IPv6 compatible

Ready for new Internet connections in Brazil, it brings more security, privacy and a better user experience for your customers, as well as new benefits to optimize your projects.

Working on hybrid networks with Giga and SFP ports

The device works in hybrid networks and enables data cascading at speeds in excess of 100 Mbps.

Monitoring protocol

With SNMP protocol from SF 2622 MR L2 , you can monitor switch resources for greater network control.

Multicast Traffic Optimization Protocol (IGMP)

Enables efficient routing of image and video traffic to IP CCTV and IP TV projects.

Where can it be used?