AMH 3001

Mibo Home automation system

Transform your home into a smart home, simplify and make your life more practical by automating everyday tasks.
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Do everything through the application

Configure and control the entire system through the Mibo Home app. Enable, disable or check the status of the device, create automation scenarios and more.

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Monitor, receive alerts and increase your security

Add more tranquility to your day to day. Find out if a window or door has been left open, receive intrusion notifications and monitor your system.

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Perfect climate at all times

Bring more comfort and savings to your home. Set up air conditioning scenarios or remotely control your air conditioning.

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More convenience to enjoy videos and series

Turn on your TV, increase the volume, change the channel. Everything in a simple and automatic way.

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Control everything with a button

With a click, two clicks or a long click, you can control predefined automations and scenarios in a much more practical and easy way.