EGT 2000 LITE G2

On Grid single-phase solar inverter 2.0 kW

Compact and with their maximum efficiency, the single-phase inverters of the LITE line are easy to install and ideal for homes with low energy consumption.

Ideal for residential use

Developed for homes with low energy consumption, the LITE line inverters are compact, have 97.4% efficiency and MPPT technology that ensures maximum performance to the equipment.

Wi-Fi monitoring

Keep track of the energy produced by your system in real time, via App or web browser, through Wi-Fi monitoring.

Degree of protection IP65

Intelbras LITE line inverters are totally safe and protected against dust and weather, according to protection class IP65.

National warranty and technical suport

By purchasing the Intelbras LITE inverter, you get a 10-year product warranty, national support and a highly qualified technical assistance network throughout Brazil.

INMETRO Registration

The Intelbras EGT 2000 LITE G2 inverter is registered according to INMETRO Ordinance
nº 004/2011.

Where can it be used?