WiFiber 121 AC

ONT with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1 FXS port and Wi-Fi

Fiber optical quality with high performance Wi-Fi in a only product. Watch series and movies, work and play online.

Compatible with the inMesh WiFi Network

Extend your home signal coverage and create robust, flexible networks by connecting the WiFiber 121 AC ONT to one or more Wi-Force routers.

More speed with AC technology

Best performance for wireless network. You can surf the internet, watch movies and play online.

Multiple features in one device

The WiFiber 121 AC has a FXS Port, aggregating the ease and practicality of high quality voice services through SIP accounts.

Innovative design

Compact, portable, discreet, has protection to receive the bottom fiber, what allows easier and cleaner installation, protecting the PON connector.

Compatible with IPv6

Ready for new internet connections in Brazil, WiFiber 121 AC brings more security, privacy and a better experience for you.

Where can it be used?

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  • Firmware
    Firmware Pré-Release inMesh1.0|16/02/2022