SS 7520 FACE T

Temperature measuring facial access controller

An innovative and efficient access controller that performs facial reading and temperature measurement quickly and accurately.

Rapid body temperature measurement

The SS 7530 Face T has an efficient sensor that makes thermal measurement quickly and has customizable temperature alert parameters.

Face reading accuracy with mask

Face recognition of the user with mask and access restriction option for those who are not wearing one, protecting themselves and the health of others.

Security, efficacy and speed of control

An agile solution that reads temperature and face recognition in up to 0.5 seconds at a distance of up to 1.8m from the device. 

More flexibility with optional totem

The SS 7520 Face T controller has mobility as a differential, because it has an exclusive totem¹, which makes the installation more practical and flexible.

¹Sold separately.

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    Guia rápido SS 7520 FACE T04/12/2020