AE 1216

UHF Digital Outdoor Antenna

Compatible, rugged and easy to install, it is ideal for improving the picture and capture of the UHF and HDTV digital TV signal.

High compatibility and quality signal

The equipment is compatible with all TV models¹ and digital converters, offering excellent sound and image quality.

¹ Some televisions may require the use of a digital converter to display the digital signal transmission.

Better capture and reception of digital TV signal

The AE 1216 model has a front connector and 16 elements to offer an excellent capture performance, besides a signal gain of 11dBi.

Easy to install outdoors

Easy to install outdoors, the AE 1216 solution is the easiest way to improve your TV's digital signal capture.

Installation tip for better performance

Install the antenna in a place without obstacles that obstruct the tower's signal. Terrestrial TV signal must be available at the installation site.

Where can it be used?