GW 208 S

Voice Gateway

The FXS GW 208 S IP voice gateway enables organization in enterprise communication as it integrates conventional telephony networks with IP telephony.

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FXS GW 208 S IP voice gateway enables organization in corporate communication, as it integrates conventional telephone networks with IP telephony, offering much more audio quality in calls. GW 208 O has 8 FXO ports for connecting analog lines.



Flexibility to control attendance


GW 208 S makes routing and handling telephone calls more flexible, offering your business more dinamism in service, with rules determined by you. With it, you have access to organization in extensions, with much more quality in calls and network structure.




Expand possibilities


Gateways offer the possibility to configure different IP Profiles, so they can register with different SIP servers. In addition, it also identifies calls using DTMF and FSK protocols.




High performance and agility


GW 208 S ofers support for VLAN and QoS, that make performance of internet network even greater. In addition to support for SNMP (network monitoring protocol) that helps to identify possible network problems and enables immediate action.