Wired magnetic opening sensor

Compact and discreet, they are ideal for installation on wooden, glass or metal doors and windows
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Installation on doors and windows of different materials

Install on various doors and windows, such as glass, wood and metal. The installation face does not generate interference and allows mounting.

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Available in black and white colors

It can be installed on doors and windows of different shades, harmonizing the installation and keeping the devices discreet.

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Includes terminals for connecting cables

between the sensor and the control panel. No need to weld wires, as it has screws for attaching.

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Double-sided tape and screws included

The double-sided tape brings practicality and versatility in the application of the sensor. The screws allow a precise installation on wooden doors and windows.

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Anti-UV material

With anti-UV material, the sensor will be protected from natural color degradation by exposure to ultraviolet rays.