Twibi Fast

Wi-Fi 5 Mesh Router

Powerful, stable, and modular Wi-Fi connection to reach more locations. Smart distribution signal with capacity for multiple devices.
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Strong and stable signal wherever you are

The Twibi Fast kit provides a fast connection experience for plans of up to 100 Mbps covering areas up to 200 m2.

*Kit with 2 units. Estimated average values for most common application settings. Environmental factors, such as the setup’s location, obstacles (walls, mirrors, etc.) and network profile usage will result in value variation.

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Covering every location

With no connection blind spots: every module added to your Mesh network increases the Wi-Fi’s area by up to 100 m2.

*Module with 1 unit. Average estimate values for most common application settings. Factors such as the set up’s location and network usage profile will result in value variation.

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Install and control everything through the Wi-Fi Control Home app

With the application, you can install routers and manage functions in a practical way, such as parental control and creating a network for visitors.

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IoT Assistant Function

With this function, available on the Wi-Fi Control Home app, your smartphone can be on 2.4 GHz frequency for 30 minutes to install your Smart Home products.

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Everyone online simultaneously

The Twibi Fast kit successfully connects up to 40 devices, which means: Wi-Fi for everyone, in the entire house and at the same time.

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Wi-Fi 5 Mesh Technology (AC 1200)

Twibis utilize 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies automatically, connecting devices to the best signal available in one single Wi-Fi network.

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Easier for internet providers

We listened to our providers’ needs and, with Twibi Fast, it’s possible to conduct configurations and firmware updates long-distance, through web interface or TR-069 protocol.

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