EF 1203S

12.8 V 3 A power supply without outlet plug

The EF 1203S is suitable for equipment operating at 12.8 V 3 A, designed for installation in locations that do not have sockets.

Installation flexibility

With two-wire input connection, the EF 1203S powers CCTV cameras, routers, video intercoms and LED tapes.

Powers up to 8 HD cameras

Powers up to 10 HD cameras with maximum consumption of 300 mA.¹ Intelbras ensures the product warranty even if the P4 connector is cut.

¹ We recommend the use of quality UTP cables and distance of up to 150 meters for each camera.

Protection against short circuit and overload

Prevents damage, protects against overvoltage, and has a filter against noise and interference, providing image quality.

Voltage loss is no longer a problem

With an output voltage of 12.8 Vdc, the EF 1203S was developed to power equipment installed at greater distances.

Where can it be used?