EPE 1005+

5-port Electronic Protector

EPE 1005+ is a 5-outlet electronic protector, which ensures dual protection for electronic equipment, protecting them from voltage surges.

The EPE 1005+ is a 5-socket electronic protector,

that guarantees double protection for electronic equipment, protecting them against voltage surges, short circuits and overloads

Smart on / off switch

The EPE 1005+ has an intelligent on / off switch that allows you to turn all equipment on and off without removing the electronic protector from the outlet. In addition, it makes it possible to reset the protector after a short circuit or overload, eliminating the need for a fuse. To know the status of the EPE 1005+, just check the LED of the on / off switch: on (on), off (off)

1 meter cable


Greater distance to connect your equipment.

Device connection space


The EPE 1005+ has a separate outlet to facilitate the connection of devices that take up more space.