EFM 1220 G2

AC/DC 12.8V 20A metallic power supply

EFM 1220 G2 is the second metallic power supply generation that provides images with finer quality, free from noise, and improved CCTV equipment operation.
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Noise-free and short circuit protection, overload and overvoltage

EFM 1220 G2 provides finer CCFT image quality, through noise and image disturbance filter. What is more, it prevents damages incurring from electrical malfunctions and problems caused by lightning strokes.

Installation without complications

EFM 1220 G2 enables CCTV camera connection directly in source and it can be fastened n wall or rack DIN.

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It supplies power up to 64 HD cameras

The power supply is capable of supply up to 64 HD¹ cameras and outputs with terminals enable connecting more than one device directly in equipment.


¹ We recommend using high quality UTP cables and distance up to 150 meters for each camera.

Voltage loss is no longer a problem

EFM 1220 G2 power supply has adjustable output voltage, that enables CCTV camera operation even when installed at longer distances.