IVA 5040 AT

Active infrared barrier Sensor

With it, you can protect windows, glass doors, walls, gates, as well as complement electric fences and create virtual fences on land and pools.
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Install without having to adapt support

With the 360 ​° articulated support horizontally and 180° vertically, you can rotate and tilt it to complete alignment after attaching the sensor.

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Long range of infrared protection

IVA 5040 AT has an external protection range of up to 40m and an internal protection of 60m, while IVA 5080 AT reaches up to 80m and 120m, respectively.

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Safe protection and no interference between sensors

With 3 frequency levels, you can configure hinged sensor pairs for different needs, without interference between them.

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Much easier and faster to install

You save time to install. It is much easier and faster due to an articulated support and visual alignment signaled by LED.

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Adjustable response time

By adjusting response time, you can change sensitivity of sensor for installation in different types of outdoor environments.

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