Active two-beam infrared barrier sensor

Allows greater security in the most varied environments. For indoor, semi-open and outdoor applications

IVA 7100


Intelbras sensor line is recognized in the market for efficiency and reliability of products. With innovative design and functions, each sensor is developed to offer different benefits to most varied environments.

Designed to offer protection to indoor, semi-open and outdoor areas, active infrared sensors of IVA 7100 Dual/Quad/Hexa line are ideal for use in environments with great climatic variation. They prevent unwanted shots even with changes in the weather, and are easy to install and cost-effective.

IVA 7100


More protection for your environment


Active infrared sensors of IVA 7100 Dual/Quad/Hexa line form a virtual protection fence that can reach up to 100 meters in length and guarantee more protection for your environment.



Guaranteed security


Sensors offer complete protection of an entire perimeter, which allows the creation of a more efficient virtual protection fence with guaranteed security.


For indoor,
semi-open and external environments


Versatile, it can be used indoors, semi-open and outdoors due to advanced technology. The sensor is suitable for diverse climatic conditions and prevent unwanted shots from happening.



Two frequency adjustment channels


Active infrared sensors in IVA 7100 Dual/Quad/Hexa line are guaranteed quality products that have two programming channels working together, forming parallel lines that prevent occurrence of interference in their operation.



More agility and practicality 


Practical and agile, sensors of IVA 7100 line offer more security with fast response time when detecting that something has crossed its protection barrier.

More security for your environment

With a virtual fence up to 100 meters long, it offers complete perimeter protection.

For indoor, semi-open and outdoor environments

Due to advanced technology, the sensor is suitable for various climatic conditions, preventing unwanted triggers from occurring.

More agility and practicality

Practical and agile, the sensors of the IVA 7100 line offer easier installation with sound alignment signaling.

Safe and interference-free protection between sensors

With 2 frequency levels, configure the sensor pairs for different needs, avoiding the occurrence of interference in operation.

Interrupted shooting with two adjacent beams

With a larger number of beams, it avoids accidental triggers with birds and small animals.


* Consult manual for more details.