VB 502 B G2

Balun Passive

Balun Converts the video signal from coaxial cable to network cabling (UTP) in analog CCTV system.
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More details with 4K Ultra HD images

It is compatible with 4K, 4MP, Full HD, HD and analog resolution, ensuring quality and sharpness in images.

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MULTI HD technology ®

It is compatible with the main HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD and analog (CVBS) technologies, providing flexibility and economy to security projects.

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Fully Protected

Comes equipped with surge, noise and interference protection. It is much more reliable in CCTV systems.

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Much more range

Quality video transmission for 300 m in HD, 200 m in Full HD, and 120 m in 4MP and 4K.

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Simplified installation

Equipped with the pressure terminal connector, the VB 502 P G2 balun facilitates analog CCTV installations.