Tester 3000 RJ45

Cable Tester

Compatible with CCTV, telecom and network equipment, the tester assists in the testing, maintenance and installation of devices.
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Installation tool

The Tester 3000 RJ45 is an installation tool for CCTV products. All this in the palm of your hand, optimizing your time.

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RJ45, RJ11 and BNC Cable Tester

With it, it is possible to perform several tests, with the most varied cables available on the market.

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Cable tracker (buzzer)

The tester has the buzzing function, which makes it the greatest ally in identifying wires and cables during installation.

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DC polarity test

The model also allows the identification of positive and negative polarities.

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Simpler installations

The product is accompanied by: case, 4 AA batteries and cables. Everything to assist your installation of CCTV.