SGA 1000 IP

Condominium access management system

Management of the most complete condominium access control solution on the market. With it, it is possible to open doors and gates and manage personalized...

SGA 1000 IP: your condo under control

The SGA 1000 IP access control system manages the entire flow of people and vehicles through passwords, tag readers, remote control or biometrics.

Smart Concierge Module

The SGA 1000 IP performs all the work of controlling and recording the access of residents to the condominium.

Anti-cloning Garage Control

The access control system for condominiums has the XTR control line, with anti-cloning technology and panic function.

Garage access control by vehicular antenna

Ideal for condominiums with a high flow of cars. It releases access quickly and securely as the car approaches the garage.

Integration with Concierge Center

With the integration, it is possible to unify all system communication functions with the security of the SGA 1000 IP's access control registers.

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    Configuração de conexão com servidor SGA 1000 IP27/07/2022