AMC 422

Conventional manual trigger with alarm

With function 2 in 1, the trigger communicates the claim in the plant and still fires the siren.

Alarm and supervision LED indicator

When a fire starts, the LED in alarm will light red, while the LED in supervision, which identifies when the product is on / in operation.

No worries with finish

Equipment designed to overlap 4x2 box. With this advantage, you do the drywall.

Much safer and resistant, even against UV radiation

UV resistant, this product does not fade easily over time and guarantees excellent durability.

Integrate according to your needs

With dry contact output, you can integrate this product with other solutions as it is necessary.

Ease and safety with activation by siren

When the product is activated, the siren emits the alert sound in case of emergency, contributing to the effectiveness of the communication.

Where can it be used?