DFC 420 UN

Conventional Smoke Detector

The conventional smoke detector DFC 420 UN is designed to fire in case of smoke detection in the environment where it is installed.


Conventional DFC 420 UN smoke detector is designed to alert if smoke is detected in the environment where it is installed. It has alarm/supervision LED indicator, possibility of installation by competitor consumption or by dry contact.



Installation versatility


Quick and economical, the installation can be done in 2 wires or by dry contact. And operation in conventional 12 to 24 Vdc¹ systems provides more application flexibility.

 ¹ Power consumption and dry contact operation.




More quality and protection


It is resistant to UV rays and has protection against dust and humidity. This helps to considerably reduce the number of false alarms.



Integrate with security solutions


O DFC 420 UN communicates with wired centrals of Intelbras intrusion line, extending home security systems to protect everything inside and outside your home.