Data Concentrator

The OLT G08 is a solution that utilizes GPON technology to bring the services of the provider to the consumer through optical fiber.

Total capacity of up to 1024 ONUs/ ONTs

Ideal for installation in high density locations, each one of the 8 PON ports are capable of serving up to 128 ONTs with triple-play services (data, audio, and video).

Agility in customer activation and service release

With self-service, you no longer need to make configurations to release data services to your customers.

Two power options

It allows the use of two power supplies*, being possible to use two types of power supplies, both AC and DC.

*Power supplies not included with the product.

Hot Swap Power Supply

Allows for OLT G08 maintenance by replacing the power supply without the need of stopping service distribution at end customers.

*Power supplies not included with the product.