FD 2000

Digital overlay lock

A new line of digital locks, which brings more convenience and greater protection to your daily life.

No more worrying about carrying or searching for your keys

The FD 2000 offers 2 access options: 9 passwords (1 for the administrator, 4 for visitors and 4 for daily use) and 100 proximity tags.

Easy access to friends and trusted providers

Control access by registering up to 4 provisional passwords for family, friends or occasional service providers during your absence.

More security to protect your password

To prevent your password from being discovered, the Password Protected function allows you to enter random numbers before the real password.

Safe, durable, economical and battery

The FD 2000 is not connected to electrical power and works with 4 AA alkaline batteries, with an average duration of 1 year.

Where can it be used?