FX 2000 INOX

Electric Lock Overlay

With FX 2000 Stainless One, your access control gains security, as well as design and style.

Give the best finish to your stainless steel designs

Finished in stainless steel, the electric overlap lock brings elegance and robustness to your doors and gates, whether they are made of wood or steel.

Your doors and gates the way you need

Install the lock on doors and gates that open to the left or to the right. Its reversible tongue also allows to push and pivot when installing.

Versatile installation that adapts to your needs

Choose the drum and key, or integrated button output option. It offers versatility that installer needs to make the project as you wish.

Compatibility and many advantages for you

FX 2000 Stainless lock is easy to install and also compatible with the entire line of door intercoms, video intercom and access controllers.

Where can it be used?