Intelbras, in partnership with WD, has a complete line of HDs and memory cards, so you can store your images with quality and efficiently.


Products making easier video connections: between DVR and analogical camera. Offering reliability to video, data and power source transmission, these products can be connected on short or long distances through UTP cables (network).


Intelbras has the solution which will supplement your video monitoring project: the CCTV microphone, beyond offer a video experience, it is possible to capture ambient audio with these new microphones.

Junction Box

The junction box for cameras is a product to make possible obtaining better finishing, elegance and quality on installations, it may be installed on ceilings and walls for CCTV installations.

Speed Dome Brackets

Perfect to install your cameras on ceilings or walls, not loosing elegance and adapt them to multiple application scenarios.

Controller table

Control DVRs and NVRs and run speed domes practically and efficiently with affordable, high quality equipments.

For Mibo

A simple and efficient safety system to take care with quality who you love.

HDMI solution

Products transmitting video signal (HDMI) or data (USB) to distances longer than 10 meter. Offering reliability and practical installations where you need transmitting video signals or data in long distances.


Products offering more quality on video transmission and feed in CCTV projects, for short or long distances. Models with best finishing, no bur or failures in production process, and 3 months of warranty.