FR 701

Embedded digital door lock without knob

Innovative digital lock ideal for doors with handles. Sophistication to allow your home to be more practical and safer.  

Different forms of access

You can open your digital lock in 4 different ways. It is possible to register up to 100 biometrics, 100 tags and 9 passwords. It comes with 2 physical keys.

Sophisticated and technological design for the environment

Ideal for doors with a thickness of 30 to 60 mm, the FR 701 has a unique design and brings more safety to your home and more practicality to your daily life activities. 

Easy to install with standard mechanism ABNT 149131

Remove the old lock from your door, fit in the mechanism FR 701 and conclude the installation with the necessary holes and fixtures for better fixation.

¹ The product can be installed in different types of doors. The foregoing illustration refers to the standard ABNT 14913, which makes the substitution of conventional locks of the same standard easier. For further information, consult the installation manual.

Power supply through 4 batteries

The FR 701 is supplied by 4 AA alkaline batteries with approximate duration of 1 year (on average of up to 10 daily accesses).

Where can it be used?