FS 1010

Embedded Solenoid Lock

The FS 1010 solenoid lock has high strength steel finish and supercompact design, is ideal for those who want to invest in safety.

FS 1010

Independent of the environment, FS 1010 is ready to protect any assets. With high strength steel finish and a super compact design, the new solenoid lock is idealfor those who want to invest in security without giving up of good taste.


2 in 1: Fail safe and Fail secure 


Choose how you want to use it. FS 1010 works in Fail safe mode, that opens the lock in case of power failure, and Fail secure, that the lock locked in case of power failure.

FS 2010

FS 1010

Security at any cost


FS 1010 has 1,200 kg resistance, access controller compatibility, aluminum frame, stainless steel finish and it guarantees full corrosion resistance.. In addition, it also has a configurable automatic closing sensor (0, 3, 6 and 9 seconds) and additional key open/lock mode.* 

* It comes with the product. (3 units.)


Uncomplicated installation


FS 1010 solenoid lock can be installed vertically or horizontally on wooden doors with 35 to 50 mm width and it opens both sides

FS 1010

FS 1010


Full compatibility


For a complete solution, use FS 1010 solenoid lock integrated with access controllers, intercoms and video intercoms.