Autonomy calculator

Discover the ideal nobreak according to your scenario and need for autonomy. Easy and intuitive, the calculator brings the main security equipment, telecom, networks, audio and video, to promote faster and more uncomplicated navigation.


Protect your devices against power line fluctuations and failures, and keep computer, audio, and video equipment such as TVs, home theaters, desktops, modems, routers, switches, cameras, and DVRs always on.


Intended for high-performance equipment or sensitive to variations in the waveform, sinusoidal UPSs are ideal for small servers, gaming PCs, and computers equipped with active PFC power supplies.


Double conversion online UPSs ensure a high level of power quality to sensitive equipment, such as medium and large servers, which cannot be interrupted by switching time.


Exclusively for use in low and medium flow electronic gate automators, the UPS protects and ensures the equipment's operation even in the event of a power outage.


Expand your scenario autonomy with the Intelbras line of accessories for UPSs. They are quick-connect cables for connecting an external battery, consisting of a barrel terminal, standard cable and SB 50 connector.

SNMP Management

Remotely monitor the quality of power that is supplied to the UPS, schedule shutdowns and receive alerts on mains events.