Fee Software

Controller is compatible with all impactline, CIP 850, CIP 92200, UnniTI line, Modulare+, Conecta+ and Gateway 280

Controller is a business communication management application compatible with any Impacta, CIP 850, CIP 92200, UnniTI, Modulare +, Connect + and Gateway 280 lines. It generates reports, graphs and many other features that offer agility and economy in calls.

It is available in two versions: Controller Pro that charges 1 PBX and Controller Corporate that charges up to 20 PBXs. With the Controller, it is also possible to charge external calls on CIP 850, CIP 92000, Modulare +, Conecta + and UnniTI line centrals. ¹ .


Main services:

» Rates all calls: incoming and outgoing - internal and external
» Automatic update of rates, prefixes and holidays
» Automatic incorporation of central configuration
» Prepaid Account Extension & Code
» Multiple report and chart options
» No dedicated computer required
» It operates with Windows based operating systems®²
» Easy to operate
» Automatic installation and setup
» Integrated calendar with identification
» Emailing Reports
» Exporting reports to many formats
» Hardware key license

“¹ Firmware requirements: CIP 850 version 2.07.08 or superior;
                                          CIP 92200 version 2.08.05 or superior;

                                          Modulare + e Conecta + version 1.2.8 or superior and Controller version or superior;

                                         UnniTI line version 17.12.18 and Controller version 4.0.0 or superior 

² Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits), Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.