VEX 3004 Splitter

HDMI Splitter

For those who need to divide the HDMI signal into equipment more easily and efficiently on the premises.

Increase possibilities with HDMI splitter 4 outputs

The perfect product for performing applications and splitting the same HDMI signal (video and audio) to more than one device while maintaining signal quality.

Ultra-resolution image detail richness

The VEX 3004 Splitter ensures 4K high-definition images, allowing you to explore every detail the way you need it.

Adaptable for home or commercial environments

Versatile, it can be easily installed in CCTV applications and in entertainment devices such as home theater, video game and conference rooms.

HDMI signal splitter

With this equipment it is possible to perform the division of the HDMI signal (video and audio) and maintain the image quality suitable for high definition.

More protected and durable equipment

Designed for indoor environments, the splitter has a plastic case and an additional circuit protection against voltage surges.