HDMI Video Extension

Transmit the video signal from equipment over distances of more than 10 meters, easily and robustly on the premises.
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Facility in long-distance facilities

With it, you can transmit HDMI video signal over distances of more than 10 meters, offering ease and robustness in installations.

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Wealth of details with high resolution images

The equipment offers Full HD high definition images, allowing you to explore every detail the way you need it.

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All your needs met, domestic or commercial

Versatile, you can easily install it in CCTV applications, such as DVRs and NVRs, and in entertainment devices, such as home theaters, video games and conference rooms.

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Maximum range for long-distance connection

With point-to-point connection and network cable installation at a distance of 120 m on Cat6 cable and 100 m on Cat5e cable, it sends HDMI video signal much further.

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Your better protected and more durable equipment

Avoid damages to your video signal and device power supply with the additional surge protection circuit. It has a plastic case and is designed for indoor installations