Impacta 16

Hybrid PABX Control

The Impacta line consists of hybrid communication PABX plants that integrate analog, digital and IP technologies.




Impacta line is made up of hybrid PABX communication units that integrate analogic, digital and IP technologies. Ideal for micro and small companies looking to improve quality and communication skills. Impacta centrals offer several functions without much investment. In addition to presenting usual functions of a PBX, they can interconnect two or more networks and allow calls to be made with VoIP (voice over internet) technology.



More quality in communication


In addition to benefits of obtaining an Intelbras product with design, warranty, support, technical assistance and state-of-the-art technology, Impacta units have several functions and options developed to facilitate communication between companies, their customers and branches.


Impacta 40


Receive a lot without paying too much


Through functions such as automatic line selection, economical extension and blocking incoming calls, it is possible to reduce the telephone bill. VoIP technology allows interconnection between headquarters and branches, so that they can talk in a simplified way and free of charge, all via the internet.



More agility


Impacta centrals identify who is calling and direct calls to any extension, group or branch that is pre-registered to answer, based in part on the number (ex .: area code) or extension. Agility and assertiveness for you and your customers.


Investment guarantee


Impacta centrals keep pace with company growth, making it possible to expand capacity without losing initial investment. Check which one is best for you:

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