EF 1201+

Input Source - 12 V 1 A, without plug for outlet

The EF 1201+ is a power supply suitable for equipment operating in 12 V 1 A, ideal for 4×2 box installation

Flexibility of Installation

Ideally designed for installation in 4×2 boxes, EF 1201+ powers CCTV cameras, routers, video intercoms and LED strips.

Supplies energy for up to 4 HD Cameras

Power up to 4 HD cameras with a maximum consumption of 250 mA¹. Intelbras guarantee products even if the P4 connector is severed.

¹We recommend using quality cables up to 150 meters in length for each camera.

Protection against Short-Circuit, Overloads and Overcurrent

Prevents damage due to electrical damage, problems caused by lightning and has filter against noise and interference in the image.

Loss of voltage is no longer a problem

Developed for equipment installed at greater distances, it has an output voltage of 12.8 Vdc to avoid problems with voltage loss.

Where can it be used?