SLI 1600

Integrated solar light

Ideal for installations in homes, parks, and gardens, excluding the conventional power connection.

Integrated lighting

All in one product! SLI 1600 comes with integrated solar module, battery, and LEDs.

Simple installation

Easy and quick installation on lampposts or walls, excluding cables, pipes, and even the connection to a conventional electrical grid.

Presence sensor

The lighting total power is turned on when the sensor detects any presence in the environment.

Smart operation

SLI 1600 has ECONOMY mode (low power) and SLEEP mode (turned off). Both light up at full capacity if any presence is detected.

Automatic triggering

SLI 1600 operates autonomously. It turns on and off automatically as the sunrise and sunset.

Autonomy and Power

1600 lumens lighting and 6000k color temperature with autonomy up to three nights.

Where can it be used?