Intelbras Management Software

System designed to manage the GPON Intelbras line in a simplified way

Centralized control

With the SIG system it is possible to manage all OLTs, ONUs / ONTs of the network without the need to take a technician to the site.

User-friendly interface

A person with little network experience can manage and report to the technician network information or alarms triggered by the system.

Customer control

Manage bandwidth control and preventive maintenance for customers, preventing them from running out of internet.

Alarms with network information

With alarm information, you can manage optical power, signal loss, and other information from UNs and ONTs installed on users.

Configuration of data types

Manage all services offered to your customers, such as data, voice and video transmission in a simple way.

Completely free system

Click on the link available in the Downloads area (below), fill in your registration and download GIS for free. Fill out the form to download!

Where can it be used?