TDi 7865

Interactive Digital Display

Ideal for school and corporate environments, the TDi 7865 features a touch screen, 4K definition, camera, microphone, and speaker.
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Multiple connected devices

The TDi 7865 allows screen sharing of multiple devices. With just one app, you can mirror your computer or your cell phone.

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Interactivity and high technology at your disposal

The 65-inch touchscreen has an Android system and Wi-Fi connection, offering similar functions as a computer or cell phone.

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Ideal for virtual meetings and videoconferences

The TDi 7865 features a built-in camera, microphones, and speaker, delivering quality to corporate meetings.

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Perfect for computer-based education

Perfect for computerized lessons, the screen features a digital whiteboard, makes presentations easier, and allows access to videos and the Internet.

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Modern, sophisticated, and technological design

With its sophisticated and modern design, the TDi 7865 adds technology to any environment and is perfect for replacing the traditional whiteboard.