AI 2021

Internal TV antenna

The AI 2021 is a TV antenna for indoor scans that provides excellent quality image.

ai 2021

The AI 2021 is an internal TV antenna that delivers excelent quality images Ready to receive analog and digital signals, it has a compact design and distinctive texture.


4 in 1

Designed to capture FM, VHF, UHF and HDTV signals, it is an excellent choice for those who use analog and digital channels.

ai 2021


Compatible with all televisions and converters

The AI 2021 TV antenna has a cable with connector that is compatible with any TV or converter on the market.

ai 2021


Maximum quality

Finished with a distinctive texture and developed with materials of high strength and durability, the AI 2021 has the Intelbras quality guaranteed.

ai 2021

Easy to install

You just have to plug the connector into the antenna input of the TV or converter, set up the TV to receive the antenna signal, do an automatic channel scan and you're ready!